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This happened a few years ago, but I recently found these photos and had to post it. A few mates and myself were at the Camden Crawl walking towards Koko. It’s a little tricky to work out what happened here from the photos but I shall try my best to describe.

Hanging out in a big wheel

Hanging out in a big wheel

One angry man with a passion for sandwiches

One angry man with a passion for sandwiches

We noticed a big wheel – with it being a music festival thought it was a piece of artwork/monument type thing – and decided to stand in it. We then decided to get some silly photos taken with us sat in the wheel.

Suddenly this bloke comes running over really angrily from nowhere (he’s the guy pictured in the grey shirt in the photo directly above) shouting ‘GET OFF MY SANDWICHES!!! THEY’RE MINE!!!’ We weren’t exactly sure if he was talking to us but we were then suddenly ushered out of the wheel so he could get his sandwiches – he did not find it funny.

This is someone who passionately likes a sandwich, but someone who leaves them in the most bizarre place – a giant wheel in Camden.


I swear I can’t go more than 2 night bus journeys in a row without something wierd going on. I thought this journey was rather normal and was getting worried by this. I could feel something odd was just a stop or 2 away.

Low and behold a couple of stops later this bloke proved those suspicions right. On he came with a cabinet and some high heels. He couldn’t follow his friends upstairs with the cabinet so where does he have to sit? Right next to me.

A cabinet and some expensive shoes

A cabinet and some expensive shoes

He explained this was the 6th and final night bus he had been on that night because he couldn’t find his way home. So while he was getting lost he saw the cabinet and high heels somewhere and decided to take them on his journey. He was explaining he knew these shoes were expensive and in good condition.

At this point another bloke comes over and asks how much this guy wants for the high heels. I said let’s do an auction on the bus. As this went on and the supposed buyer couldn’t buy the high heels he became frustrated and promised to kick the cabinet stealer’s face in. I quote from this guy “who does he think he is coming on here with a cabinet?” It was then my stop and unfortunately had to leave the drama.

This is such a great story i only heard from my mate Charles last week, i had to publish it online before all the other material i’ve been waiting to tell all these months.

So this is it. Charles friend was asked to look after their friend’s pet dalmation dog for 2 weeks while he/she was on holiday. Unfortunately the dog died the day after they went on holiday and the friend didn’t know what to do (I thought that was unlucky and bad enough). So the friend rang up a vet and they said the dog couldn’t be left in the house until the owner came back 2 weeks later, the friend would have to bring the dog to the vet.

Now this is where it gets more remarkable, the friend had no car and no way of transporting this big dog. So the best solution was to put the dog in a suitcase and travel on the tube. That’s right a dead dog in a suitcase on the tube, now it’s getting silly.

So as the friend approaches the stairs to leave Kings Cross station a stranger comes over and asks if the friend needs a hand with the suitcase. The friend reluctantly but under such strain from the suitcase accepts. The stranger asks ‘how come this is so heavy? what’s in it?’ to which the friend has to think of something of the top of his/her head and replies ‘oh just some laptops…’ and at this point the stranger decides to leg it with what he thinks is some laptops but in actual fact is a dead dog!

I would love to seen his reaction when he got home and opened the suitcase. Remarkably and somehow according to Charles the dog’s owner somehow managed to see the funny side of this when he/she got back!