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The top 3

The top 3

I posed the question to Hayley, if she could shag any man in the world who would it be, even though I knew I was asking Hayley I wasn’t expecting these answers!

 1. William Hague

2. Tony Blair (but only if he is wearing fishnet stockings).

3. Boy George



Gihan's wedding photo in a shower

Gihan's wedding photo in a shower

Gihan was my neighbour when I lived in Trent Park halls in my first year.

In the summer following his parents were forcing him into an arranged marriage he didn’t want.

In Gihan’s second year he moved into halls again. To get out of the arranged marriage he married another girl from his new halls he had known there for three weeks.

This photo of the happy couple in a shower is indeed his wedding photo. Gihan didn’t even want this marriage, but instead of divorcing her she became pregnant with his child.