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I See 111 Everywhere

I See 111 Everywhere

One of the things I have done recently since I’ve been quiet blogging on ‘U Couldn’t make It Up’ is setting up a sister blog called ‘I See 111 Everywhere.’

Some of you may know about my fascination with the number 111 from knowing me or reading a few posts on here, but since I got a new phone that can actually access the internet I decided to set this site up. Everytime I see the number 111 or see a story on it I shall post it on there. I say that but my regularity hasn’t been quite the best because I see this number so often I haven’t taken a photo everytime because I could be here all day! I have however kept uploading the better sightings!

‘I See 111 Everywhere’ can be found here at


Has it really been this long since I last posted? I can’t believe over 2 months have passed, I have been intending to post for a good while now, but better late than never.

One of the main reasons I haven’t posted is because of some tragic news. Really tragic news.

For the last 3 years I have kept every ‘U Couldn’t Make It Up’ story, quote, headline, funny name in one sketchbook – my ‘U Couldn’t Make It Up bible’ I like to call it. Well a few weeks back I was on the train back to Worcester. I had taken my ‘bible’ home to begin writing again, well unfortunately my ‘bible’ never made it to Worcester because someone stole my rucksack on the train without me knowing.

My ‘bible’ was the least costliest item in my rucksack, but it is far the most valuable item to me I had lost. If whoever stole it reads it, god knows what they will think, I hope it makes them laugh at least. Cunt.

For those who are interested, how did it get stolen? Well I put my rucksack on the ‘suitcase’ shelving section by the train doors and sat in front of the shelving section. When I got up at Worcester it was gone! Now I and everyone knows the police will never find it but I didn’t realise they were this useless. My detective couldn’t be bothered to ring up lost property numbers so wanted to email them to me to do it, she wouldn’t look at any CCTV because that would take time (is that not your job?) and amazingly she claimed I probably lost it, not had it stolen, and that I shouldn’t ring the police if I lost it. No your right detective, it just disappeared from the shelving unit on its own and I must have lost it. You really can’t expect anyone to help you out these days can you.

Wow, how time goes my by. It is one year to the day since the ‘U Couldn’t Make It Up’ blog launched!

Firstly I can’t believe I have kept this going, I can easily get distracted by things so to make it to one year is no mean feat for me. I’m very pleased with the first year’s work, so many great and not so great stories have been told and are still to be told. All the posts from my university ‘You Couldn’t Make It Up’ book have been turned into posts and posted. Now anyone can see my book here.

So a few little things that I haven’t mentioned before – you may wonder why my university book is called ‘You Couldn’t Make It Up’ and the blog is called ‘U Couldn’t Make It Up’? Pretty simple, someone already had the WordPress URL ‘You Couldn’t Make It Up’ so I had to go with this annoyingly. My favourite post so far I would have to say is the ‘Zoo Man Photo Shoot’ – when I went back home once some people I hadn’t seen since school had even read this post (through a Facebook link).¬†I often get asked about some of my blog’s stats, well here are some of the interesting ones…

  • 186 posts
  • 5,512 unique visitors
  • 170 was the most in one day
  • 65 comments – I really want to improve this next year
  • Most searched for term by a mile is ‘cherry chevapravatdumrong’ – due to my post on this person from the ‘Family Guy’ TV show
  • Some of more unusual terms include ‘simon cowell’s girlfriend boob grope,’ ‘spank man’ and ‘oxford busker fluff you tube’ – these 3 are from just the last few days, just imagine all the others there are

So what are the plans for year 2? Well don’t worry, there is still plenty of material waiting to be told including eating chicken nuggets with a professional football player, my self assessment rant post in full and how I smuggled a 5ft mushroom into my car. I also plan to finally get round to publishing the first ‘U Couldn’t Make It Up’ book with a few new additions so the general public can buy it in time for Christmas – this is a top priority this year! I also intend to do some research on how to promote this blog further so more and more people can hear about these stories.

I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who reads this blog – I enjoy writing these stories out, but hearing the enjoyment it brings to others really makes it worthwhile!

That’s right, so all those videos I wanted to show I now can, plus all the wierd stuff I seem to keep finding will be on there too. There are 2 videos on there at the moment but more will be forthcoming.

For the moment you can check out a crazy old man dancing here…

Or a pigeon literally attempt stalking/rape/sex pest another pigeon here…

It’s been a good 2 week break for U Couldn’t Make It Up, many many wierd things have been happening and I can’t wait to reveal them. For the few of you who have read the book version of this site you would have recognised the majority of the content so far, but i’ve got exciting news for you… the book’s content has run out and so FROM NOW ON EVERY NEW POST IS NEW CONTENT!

All the new content is from the 2 years since the book was produced and all the stuff that never made it originally, and don’t think because it didn’t make the book originally it’s not of the highest sillyness, let me say now i could easily have made a book 3 times the size if i had the time when i originally made it. Plus several material at the time i was missing photos which i now possess. There are also going to be lots of new mini projects taking place too.

So get ready because from now on there is going to be a guaranteed new post minimum every 2 days full of pure silly unbelievable madness. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have witnessing it!

That’s right, this blog has gone all social network and has its own Facebook page. Why not like us on Facebook for the inside scoop and even more silly nonsense?

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