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You could(n't) make it up

You could(n’t) make it up

For the many who know me, I have many wierd and bizarre stories that quite simply at first no-one believes. This is because of the shear amount i have or how unbelievable they are, but once you keep hearing them from me you soon realise that all these things just couldn’t have been made up.

It’s now got to the stage where when something bizarre happens and i am around them i get the blame, my friends and family saying this simply wouldn’t have happened if i wasn’t there. I just seem to attract wierdness or i just like to think i have a good eye at observing the unusual.

This collection of the bizarre came about a few years ago. I was in my final year of my Graphic Design degree at Middlesex University and i needed something for my major project. I have been told jokingly many times i should make a book on my stories and encounters, so when i thought about it this was the perfect subject for my major project. I mean i had all the imagery and stories already there, i just needed to document it.

I ended up getting a first for it. After i graduated i went to many interviews showing my book to many people to astounding acclaim of enjoyment and laughter. The wierdness has kept going since designing this book, so now my book has gone online, all the things that didn’t make it and everything that’s happened to the present day!

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