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I See 111 Everywhere

I See 111 Everywhere

One of the things I have done recently since I’ve been quiet blogging on ‘U Couldn’t make It Up’ is setting up a sister blog called ‘I See 111 Everywhere.’

Some of you may know about my fascination with the number 111 from knowing me or reading a few posts on here, but since I got a new phone that can actually access the internet I decided to set this site up. Everytime I see the number 111 or see a story on it I shall post it on there. I say that but my regularity hasn’t been quite the best because I see this number so often I haven’t taken a photo everytime because I could be here all day! I have however kept uploading the better sightings!

‘I See 111 Everywhere’ can be found here at


One Comment

  1. 111 : it happens to me all the time…bit scary uh?

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