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Is it ever to early to get a real Christmas tree?

Is it ever to early to get a real Christmas tree?

No this can’t be true? You’ll probably thinking I’ve edited this photo in photoshop or something? Well I can tell you now you are not seeing things.

You see this is a photo taken in June last year, of a shop (in Brighton again) selling real Christmas trees. Just look at that glorious blue sky!

In recent years I have always had a a fake Christmas tree, but from what I can remember from being a lot younger (when my family bought a real Christmas tree each year) the pines started to fall off the tree after just a few days. So if you bought one in June how would it last until December? Plus you would have to keep it in the garden or in your home and water it to keep it alive. I’d love to ask them how many trees they sold a week.

Slightly on this subject, the off licence near to where I used to live in Palmers Green always had this expensive bottle of champagne that cost £500 a bottle. It was in a tattered box high up balancing on a shelf behind the counter. One day I tried to get out of them how many they sold of these a year – they could only laugh and wouldn’t give me an answer – and from this I expect none have ever been sold! Who on earth in their right mind would buy a £500 bottle of champagne from an off licence in Palmers Green???



  1. Cracking website, just up my street. But why no posts since March 9 — is it the dreaded ‘abandoned blog’ syndrome?

    • Thanks a lot. No there is new content on its way very soon. There hasn’t been any for awhile because of a few reasons – very busy, I’ve been designing my own portfolio site and there needs to be a break every so often for all the new material to flow in!

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