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I never intended to!

I never intended to!

I think I might as well do a few posts in succession on my love for unusual signs, as the last post was a sign related post. You should have seen this theme coming, it was… SIGN POSTed.

Anyway, enough rubbish jokes, onto more rubbish signs. This one was taken on the 3rd floor of a hostel in Lancaster Gate… in a kitchen, where the window barely opened. I suppose pigeons must have got in through the window before or else this sign wouldn’t have been put up.

My point is if a sign has to be put up here, why is there not a ‘do not feed the pigeons’ sign next to every window in the whole of London or even any place with a pigeon. I also hope that if a pigeon came into your kitchen, especially while cooking your reaction would not be ‘awwww look at the cute pigeon, wait there pigeon I’ll just get some great tasting Kingsmill bread for you to eat. You can stay for the night if you want pigeon or just pop off later up to you?’ I hope most people’s reaction would be to get the pigeon out of the room asap!


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