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This whole story began a few years ago back home in Worcester. I was on a night out with some friends and we ended up going to Gonzos nightclub. It was a standard night until just after midnight when something unexpected ran past me as I was sat on the couch.

It was a cat! How did a cat get into a nightclub?? The cat then decided to sit on the armchair next to me – yes not only do I attract weird people I attract weird animals too. Being tipsy and loving opportunities like these I decided to get several photos with the cat.

Me and Gonzo working the camera

Me and Gonzo working the camera

Everyone loves Gonzo

Everyone loves Gonzo

That night we decided to name him between ourselves – Gonzo, after the nightclub. A Facebook page was set up and he was a very popular social networking cat.

The thing was, a cat in the nightclub, you would expect that to be a one off. Well… it wasn’t. It turned out Gonzo was a regular shape thrower with all the other nightclub scenesters! While I was back in London my friends informed me they had seen Gonzo a few more times when they went back to this club.

A year had passed since I had been back to the scene of the crime, but here I was, about to enter Gonzo nightclub again. Will I see Gonzo the cat a year later?? Will I? Well not only did I see him, he’s such a focal point of the nightclub he now even has his own stool!!

Gonzo's throne

Gonzo's throne


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