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A few years ago I embarked on a bizarre evening that most men would dream about. After some hassling and begging 🙂 I managed to be a photographer’s assistant for a Zoo online photo shoot. The photo shoot was to follow the Zoo man hang out in Embassy night club in Soho, London with Miss GB contestant Lisa Lloyd Hughes.

This is the full story with photos never seen before until now.

Zoo Man

(From left to right) Model, Miss GB, Zoo Man and Lisa Lloyd Hughes

When we got there the guy from Zoo online didn’t want to be photographed that night because he had a cold sore on his lips and wondered if I wanted to replace him. Well obviously I took not much time to say yes, I mean 1 I’m a man and 2 I like wierd unusual situations so this was perfect for me!

My job criteria was to wear the Zoo t-shirt, be the Zoo man, hang out with the Miss GB contestants and look like I’m having a good time with lots of flirting (this was the briefing!).

At first it felt wierd doing this, let alone the models, comparing myself to the rest of these fame hungry people I was surrounded by the sort of people I don’t normally associate with. Then after 5 minutes I got right into it. I was asked to be more flirtatious and cheeky, but it’s quite surreal for an average guy like me suddenly to able to grope any stunning model whatever way I can because these models are desperate to have there photo taken with the Zoo man and then in turn get the photo published online.

Zoo Man

Playing to the cameras

Zoo Man

The blond haired girl bought me a £12 drink, surely the man should buy the drinks!

The 3 girls above, after chatting in their booth for half hour asked if I wanted to go outside with them while they had a cigarette, so I did. Thing was they didn’t want the paparazzi to see me wearing the zoo t-shirt with them so they literally smuggled me past the paparazzi, I mean smuggled! There were quite a few paparazzi there that night too, I found out why a few days later, because Girls Aloud were in the private rooms in the upstairs part of the club.

Zoo Man

The middle girl is a Sun page 3 girl

Zoo Man

Can I spank you?

At one point a Sun page 3 model came up to me and asked if she could have a photo with me and her mate, she said, I really want to get my photo published would you mind if I spanked you? Well I said trying to keep a straight professional face, well I need some shots of me on the dancefloor so maybe you could spank me on the dancefloor. So that’s exactly what happened, and the faces of everyone while I really got into it and played up to camera was hilarious. I think the alcohol was starting to take control!

Zoo Man

I quote "Grope my boob"

During the above shot, I was having my photo taken with this girl and her boyfriend was stood right next to her looking annoyed at me. I didn’t want to touch anywhere inappropriate here, I mean he was stood right next to me, but then she turns to me “you can grope my boob” and grabs my hand and puts it over her boob. I try to avoid eye contact with the boyfriend! After the photos are done he comes over to me and tells me he used to be in Hollyoaks and he was the Nike freestyle champion 2003 and gives me his business card (check out a future post on him).

Zoo Man

I quote "grab my leg"

At the end of the night I somehow managed to swop numbers with the blond model above on business related matters. I don’t know how I managed that, but then on the Monday afternoon after this night out I was in the middle of some work when she rings me asking how things are and if I can get her her own photo shoot for Zoo! Amazing!

Some people asked me who was the best model, I would have to say the one below, but she wasn’t even a model but I think maybe an accountant or something. I know I was suprised by her job at least!

Zoo Man

Zoo Man's favourite

Zoo Man

Taken by the paparazzi

After telling some people this happened, and with no-one believing it the article came out just under a week later on the Zoo website and here it was…

Zoo Man

The article

Zoo Man

The article

To add, after this happened I became myspace friends with Lisa Lloyd Hughes and even got invited to her birthday party at embassy. Unfortunately I never made it because I was away in Newcastle for that weekend!


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